Stock theft is a large, organised industry with big money at stake

Advice for farmers with possible increases in stock theft in mind is that they will have to put in place extra measures to prevent thefts.
They must – and this is crucial – integrate into their local security structures. Should they report cases, they must keep in constant contact with the investigating officer until the case is taken to court.


  • Report all stock theft and follow up on regular basis.
  • Join your local STIC (Stock Theft Information Centre).
  • Attend monthly Rural Security meetings with SAPS and make sure the issue of stock theft is on the agenda.
  • Make sure your own documents are in order when transport stock (Article 6 and 8).
  • Make sure you’re branding and tattooing your stock in the right manner.
  • Be careful at auctions.

Get Involved

The festive season brings an increase in stock theft cases. TLU SA would like to address the seriousness and urgency of this crime and for that we need everyone’s insight.

Follow Celia Beukes’ example (click here) and please share your experience with stock theft with us.

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