Roads form the foundation of living standards in a country, and its safety directly affects the lives of thousands of South Africans every year. Horrific stories of the loss of loved ones due to potholes and poorly maintained roads are heard all over South Africa. TLU SA is very concerned about the condition of the country’s roads. It already has and will only have a greater impact on the economy.

Farmers suffer severe damage to their vehicles and products that must reach the markets to feed the people. There are even transport contractors who refuse to use these specific roads due to the condition of roads while other contractors increase their tariffs if they must make deliveries or transport food to farmers – to whom access can only be obtained on the neglected roads.

Both tar and gravel roads are referred to here as roads that need urgent attention, because due to the lack of regular maintenance, the condition of the roads is now so bad that it needs to be rebuilt. We are past the stage where maintenance is still a possible solution.

Everywhere in South Africa, farmers hear the same story: There is no money, no manpower and no machinery. However, there is a large part of the fuel price – which rises almost every month – for the maintenance of roads. What happens to that money?

Farming input costs are already very high, and this is even before the monthly fuel price increase is taken into account. Farmers and agriculture simply cannot afford another onslaught – like the national road conditions – in our effort to provide quality food to the people at affordable prices. The government must now come to the table and at all levels pay attention.


To address the seriousness of the matter and to bring its urgency to the attention of the right people – and to put them under sufficient pressure to enforce change – TLU SA needs everyone’s help. 

This is an initiative of South African farmers in collaboration with TLU SA in the interest of food security, human dignity and the right to life. Please support our proposals to the South African government to resolve the poor road conditions in a meaningful way. 

  1. Request the South African Government to provide for an additional 10% public tax rebate on all income and corporate taxes used for road maintenance. South Africans use their public tax rebate benefit highly effective for social issues. In the same way, a public tax rebate benefit for road maintenance can be instrumental to road safety.
  2. The request further demands from Fikile Mbalula, Minister of Transport, to declare the current state of roads not only a danger to people, but also to the sustainability of agriculture and the South African economy as a whole. The petition will also demand that allocated budgets be used effectively and within the necessary periods to actively improve South African roads.
  3. We further request from Minister Mbalula that organisations and individuals who can help repair roads in communities be compensated for the repairs and be exempted from any claims in terms of legislation.
  4. Share your photos of roads in your area that are in dire and unsafe condition. Please provide relevant information with your photos as to where they were taken. 

We need as much ammunition as possible to make a real difference!

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